“ ‘Can We Have Our Missiles Back?’ … ‘No’ ”

“What do we have to do to get this resolution signed?!” exclaimed the delegate from the Russian Federation. “That is an excellent question that I don’t know the answer to!” stated the council’s secretariat Nick McGrath. Today, the Historic Security Council was given back its resolution on the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait because of the unfavourable precedent it set. The resolution they attempted to pass would have given loans to Iraq to pay off their war debt to Kuwait despite their decision to invade. Some believe this could potentially give way to impoverished countries choosing to engage in warfare for the purpose of receiving loans from the UN in the future. This strongly contradicts the peacekeeping goals of the United Nations.


President Sanna Arvidsson-Hicks suggested some time away from the topic to allow delegates time to generate new ideas and address the second HSC topic- The Yugoslav Wars. Eventually the delegates did come back to this topic and passed a resolution. The new resolution has the UN add interest on the loan to incentivize Iraq to pay it off faster. The resolution also puts a cap of 7 years to pay back their loans to the UN. This will discourage economically strained states from attempting to engage in war to gain loans from the UN by adding interest and a time limit on the loans. This new resolution solves the issues that  first presented, and also did not follow the peacekeeping ideals of the United Nations.

Author: Maia Johnson and John Kroska