Month: March 2015

  • Behind the Scenes of YIG

    By: Alex Silvestri Youth in Government prides itself on being a student-run, adult supervised conference, but all the credit of a successful weekend cannot be solely given to the youth-leaders. Yes, the conference would not be possible without delegates willing to stand up and take charge,but many are wondering; what goes on behind the scenes to make it possible for… Continue reading "Behind the Scenes of YIG"

  • ISIS Crisis

    By: Alex Silvestri Every year at Model United Nations the Security Council undergoes a late night crisis. The crisis timing and topics are kept top secret throughout the conference and are only released once the delegates are in the room and the crisis is underway. During the crisis they are woken up in the middle of the night and brought… Continue reading "ISIS Crisis"

  • Historic Security Council

    By: Kyoka Millard After nearly four hours of debate, the Historic Security Council drafted a resolution regarding the Vietnam War. It called for establishing forces between North and South Korea along the 17th parallel, and seceding all foreign troops from the area. However, South Korea was against such actions, as they feared they would not be able to defend themselves… Continue reading "Historic Security Council"

  • Secretariat prove essential to conference success

    By: Jack Ellis Among the 700 students participating in this year’s Model United Nations are 28 college-aged young adults committed to making the program an unforgettable experience: the secretariat. In a broad sense, a secretariat is “an administrative department of a governmental organization [lead by] a Secretary General,” according to the Merriam-Webster English Dictionary. At the Model United Nations Conference,… Continue reading "Secretariat prove essential to conference success"

  • ICJ Overview

    By: Alex Silvestri “ICJ” is something heard frequently in the halls of the Marriott, often in the midst of a hot debate, but many are unsure of what it means. “ICJ” stands for International Court of Justice, and is the judicial sector of Model UN. Delegates from a select group of countries including the United States, Russian Federation, U.K., Italy,… Continue reading "ICJ Overview"

  • MUN Sees Record Growth In Students

    By: Kyoka Millard This year, Model United Nations has a record number of participants, with over 700 delegates in attendance. “We’ve been crediting it to just having a really good year last year,” says Sam Alley, state program director. “We had a bunch of students who took leadership in their delegation.” With nearly 150 more participants than last year, the… Continue reading "MUN Sees Record Growth In Students"

  • Opening Ceremony

    By: Alex Silvestri Opening ceremony began with the wise words of Brent Horwart, first undersecretary-general, reminding delegates that they are here to represent real voices and speak for the people living in silence. Horwart finished his speech with a quote from Socialist activist Bayard Rustin, leaving the delegates with food for thought as they go into the weekend, “Continuous resistance… Continue reading "Opening Ceremony"