Month: January 2013

  • Farewell 2013 MN YIG Media

    By Mason McCormick, 2013 Digital Media Manager Here at the media, we had a historic year. This was the first time in YIG history that the 4 branches of the media joined together under one name, MN YIG Media. In the past, the newspaper, radio, TV, and digital acted as separate entities competing for news and doing repetitive stories. The… Continue reading "Farewell 2013 MN YIG Media"

  • Friday Morning Radio: Rachel BA Acoustics

    [soundcloud params=”auto_play=true&show_comments=true&color=0ac4ff”][/soundcloud] One of radio’s girls, Rachel BA, and her amazing musical talents. Enjoy.

  • Veto Overridden!

    By: Kristen Anderson Bill #1305, banning smoking in a vehicle with children under the age of 16, was recently debated and passed almost unanimously in both Sibley House and Ramsey Senate. After being passed in Ramsey Senate, the Youth Lieutenant Governor, Emma Schroer, promptly vetoed the bill because of her disagreement with its context. The energy in the joint convention… Continue reading "Veto Overridden!"

  • Y-Partners Scholarship Program

    By Con Samps Y-Partners is an organization that gives scholarships to members YMCA programs that need a little help paying the fee to attend.  This group raises funds through donations and in 2012 they raised more than $60,000 in Minnesota alone to give back to the YMCA programs.  These programs include Model Assembly, Model United Nations, Y-CSI and CONA.  Their… Continue reading "Y-Partners Scholarship Program"

  • Life of a YIG Lobbyist

    By Jack Stephenson Lobbyists are portrayed as corrupting, immoral, sleazy low lives. In reality, Lobbyists are a representation of how strong our democracy actually is. Lobbyists make a living off of the first amendment right to make their voice heard. First, it is time to clear the air about how Lobbyists are seen. A Lobbyist cannot pass any bill into… Continue reading "Life of a YIG Lobbyist"

  • Banning Abortion

    by Kristen Anderson Before starting this interview, it seemed like it was going to be just another bill banning abortion just because the author doesn’t think it is right. Of course these preconceived notions were based solely on the title of the bill, “An Act to Ban Abortion.”  However, I was pleasantly surprised when I started interviewing Simon Oliver, from the… Continue reading "Banning Abortion"

  • How do the Courts Work?

    By Erin Barcaskey The Judicial Branch at Youth in Government is rather varied in regards to the structure and nature of the work performed, especially compared to the work done in the legislative branch during Model Assembly. Many delegates who do not attend Model Assembly in eighth grade do not know much about the court system because they have not… Continue reading "How do the Courts Work?"