The Responsibility of Independence

Every year, hundreds of students from across Minnesota come together to kick off the YMCA’s Model Assembly. In 1946, this momentous tradition was introduced, and students have been learning the values of leadership, independence, and self reliance ever since.
While at Model Assembly, delegates rely heavily on themselves. Unlike previous experiences they may have had, there is no one to hold their hand or hover over them. The expectation is that the delegates will conduct themselves in a professional manner, and by holding delegates to these standards, YIG is shaping a generation of future leaders who understand the importance of professionalism.
The range of responsibilities students display at Model Assembly include, but are not limited, to time management, punctuality, leadership, and respect. Time management is demonstrated every day through the delegates’ ability to manage their schedule, a quality always necessary at Model Assembly due to its many moving components. This directly relates to punctuality, because there are set times that everything starts and being late to your program area does not exude professionalism. Delegates demonstrate leadership through almost everything they do at Model Assembly. From their program areas to the evening activities, leadership is exhibited in how you conduct yourself around others. Also, respect is displayed through the way students treat each other, advisors, directors, and the spaces we have the privilege of using during Model Assembly.
Overall, Model Assembly shapes its young delegates into independent, professional, and respectful citizens who will be an advantage early on to do great things.

Written by: Ellisa Holthaus