Model Assembly 2017 Re-Cap

We have had an amazing year here at YIG, and it has been very difficult to pick highlights for our final post, but the one item that took no thought before choosing was our election. For our Governor and Lieutenant Governor next year we have Hayden Schutt and Brent Hauk. Along side them we have Joe Anderson as Secretary of State. For any more information about the election turnout for specific program areas, all of the election results are posted on our twitter @mnyigmedia.

In Court of Appeals all of the delegates got new cases on Saturday night. The two cases handed out proved to not only be some of the most interesting cases this weekend, but also the most bizarre. One of them is about a meth lab explosion that injured a police officer, and the other concerns a man who had 150 pounds of marijuana found in his hotel room.

Looking back into our water crisis, the Governor pushed for a bill to be written and passes that calls for immediate action to be taken to prevent harmful algal blooms from appearing in our water supply. There were a few flaws in the bill due to it being written last minute, but there was a small committee that contained a few lobbyists from multiple companies met and wrote several amendments that led to this bill being passed.

One of the most pressing event from this weekend was a small bus accident that occurred on the way to the capitol. No one was hurt, thankfully, and the issue has been resolved between the two drivers.

We also managed to celebrate the spark of young, democratic love between the Humphrey House and the Stassen Senate as the two of them were married on Saturday at three o’ clock. The ceremony was performed in the Humphrey House and after the exchanging of the gavels the two went on into life, now bound in democratic matrimony.

And finally, we have had lots of interesting debates and discussions this weekend. It helped us grow not only in our political understanding but also as the one big family that we always prove we are each year. We may have our differences at times, but in the end we are all united by our love for government (and our love for missing two days of school). Though it’s hard to see the seniors leave, we always have the promise of more 8th graders next year that we are more than willing to adopt into our large, dysfunctional family. This weekend is short-lived every year, and it’s hard to say goodbye until next year, but there is a time and a place for everything. Before we go I would like to say thank you all so much for reading, and we on the media team appreciate all the support you guys give us. I yield my time to the chair.

Written By: Kenny Schmitt