Getting to Know YIG’s New Governor

A look Inside Hayden Schutt’s Plans as Youth Governor 2018

As the newly elected governor for YIGMA 2018, Hayden Schutt was eager to fill media in future plans for next year’s Youth In Government Season. With Lt. Governor Brent Hauck assisting Shutt with the newfound position, the duo is excited to exercise a platform of unity among program areas which is a big aspect of the Schutt/Hauck campaign.
Schutt loves YIG. “I have a real passion for YIG, it’s done so much for me and has gotten me through so much; I hope that with us leading the program I can give confidence to kids like YIG gave confidence to me.” Said the Governor-elect when referencing how YIG has changed Shutt’s life and help to overcome the anxiety had as a younger delegate.
Heading into 2018, Schutt hopes to focus on uniting YIG as a program. Schutt is eager to direct his attention to bettering the Leadership Corp program to attract younger deleagtes and build the YIG population. In regards to programs like NIF or Legislative, Schutt hopes to in some way to combine or alter the way bills and proposals are heard in YIG. Shutt is also a firm beliver in education and bettering the system, as he hopes to become a social studies teacher when older.
“The hardest part about the election was trying to balance being chief judge of District Courts and running a successful campaign against other delegates.” Commented Schutt when talking about the many obstacles the team was faced with when trying to run a successful campaign.
“Its still setting in, its very humbling and honoring and words just cannot describe how i feel.” Said shutt in regards to his “dream” position. The journey for Schutt and Hauck is just beginning. With platforms and goals as strong as these, Youth In Government Model Assembly 2018 is assured to be a great year.

Written By: Kelsey Deering