2018 Governor and Lieutenant Governor

The Future of YIG in the hands of Hayden Schutt and Brent Hauck

After receiving the results from the 2018 election, media sat down to chat with future Lieutenant Governor Brent Hauck, Lakeville. Hauck is very passionate about YIG, and he’s excited to lead next year. For the 2018 Model Assembly, Hauck hopes to bridge the gaps between different program areas. Governor Hayden Schutt and Hauck’s platform is about ensuring integration within delegates of different branches. The future Lieutenant Governor ran for his position in order to give back to the program and pay it forward. Hauck is excited to have the leadership opportunity to change the program for the better, as is honored to leave his mark on the conference. Hauck explained how he looked up to Tyler and Hudson’s term for the way they involved themselves with delegates from every program area- specifically the way they interacted and understood delegates. Heading into YIGMA 2018, Hauck plans on focusing on the delegates and their needs, bridging the program branches, and providing the changes delegates need and want. YIGMA 2018 looks to be in great hands with Schutt and Hauck.

Written By: Kelsey Deering and Melissa Hacker