Model Assembly 2017 Day 3 Re-Cap

New day, new events, and quite the interesting bunch we have tonight. There was a drag-racing case in Trial Court, an accident on the way to the capitol, a crisis involving our water supply arose, our yearly election for all our program areas, and the spark of young love between two well know people around YIG.

In the world of Trial Courts this morning we had an interesting case involving a drag race. Darian Kendall was accused of vehicular manslaughter while he was drag racing. For those of you who aren’t fluent in the mysterious language of the judge, someone said that Kendall ran someone over. The case ended when the jury found Kendall not guilty after lots of rigorous questioning. Defense-1, prosecution-0.

On the way to the capitol today one of our buses was rear-ended in traffic. Don’t worry though, everyone is ok, including the driver that hit the bus. Delegates on the bus reported that they barely noticed the bus had been hit, and only knew because they looked back to see the car that caused the slight jolt. The bus driver drove the delegates strait to the capitol from there and then went to work things out with the other driver.

Breaking News! Water sources near the Minneapolis/St. Paul area have been reported with high levels of phosphorous and nitrogen. This rise in chemicals can cause harmful algal blooms(HABs) and are toxic in high concentration. A bill has been traveling through the upper legislature all day and will cost the state of Minnesota roughly $32 million. An amendment was passed to draw these funds from MN surplus. The Governor sat down with four representatives, two from the house and two from the senate, and they wrote this bill to take immediate action against this crisis before it happens. In both the house and senate the bill passed almost unanimously, and will go into effect as soon as possible.

In the news of our future local political officer situation, we had elections today. If you’re reading this, haven’t voted yet, and it’s before 8:00pm, you can march on it to the Rochester Room and vote for your favorite candidates for Governor/Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of State. You can also vote for any elected officials in your current program area. Even if you don’t really care who wins the election, we strongly encourage you to vote. Remember, everyone has a voice, and the only one who can decide whether or not it’s heard is you.

And finally, two well know bodies within YIG have grown very close. The Humphrey House has announced it’s intentions to marry the Stassen Senate, a proposal that the Senate did not hesitate to accept. The ceremony went on at 3:00 and the relationship is expected to last longer that any other marriage within YIG, a whopping 24 hours!

And that’s all we have today folks. Remember to follow us on twitter and Instagram, and send in all your favorite YIG pics with #yigpics. Don’t forget to tune in to “Lit at Late Night” on channel 65, and I’ll see you all next time.

Written By: Kenny Schmitt