Model Assembly 2017 Day 2 Re-Cap

Lots of interesting debates and discussions during that past day and a half. In the Stassen senate, they debated about funding for arts programs in schools, while the district court had a trial about an explosive set off on school grounds. Also, NIF had lots of discussion on many interesting topics concerning today’s politics, and the Knutson Senate had a bill to allow public beaches. The Governor signed his first two bills today as well, so read on to see what our new laws are.

Stassen Senate File #4201: “An Act to Equalize funding between arts programs and sports programs in schools”. Both sides of the senate argued very different cases: those for stating that it would make a substantial difference in the development of all the arts programs, while those against it rebutted by saying that, because of it’s popularity amount the student population, that sports programs needed more funding. Ultimately the vote went into division, revealing that there were 19 in favor and 23 opposed, a disappointing loss for the author.

In the news of District Courts, we had the case of The State of Minnesota vs Campbell. Campbell was accused of detonating an explosive devise on school property. The jury did not find enough evidence to convict Campbell of the crime and found him not guilty on all charges, a devastating loss to the prosecution but an empowering win for the defense.

Moving on to the National Issues Forum(NIF) they had quite a bit of buzz about them today. They started out debating NIF Proposal 315, an act to removing the Cuban embargo, a full commercial, economic, and financial block between the US and Cuban. An upside to this is that it can help boost both economies, as well as stabilizing relations between the two nations. Some say the downside to this is that Cuba will need to improve their Human Rights Acts before anything else can happen.

Also in NIF today the delegates considered abolishing a variety of school reforms, such as common core, the act that requires students to take classes such as Math and English. The NIF delegates also talked about putting a cap on water consumption.

Also, whY I Give is an annual campaign that helps raise money for students that can’t afford to attend YIG on their own. One in 4 delegates receive a scholarship for YIG and this helps to raise money for them to enjoy this weekend just as much as you! You can donate to whY I Give in the rotunda of the capital, the lobby of the Hilton, near the entrance to the sky way, or at the swag store near the elevators. When you donate there are items that you can receive for certain donations. For $3 you get a wrist-band, $5 you get a cool gavel sticker, and $8 you get a lanyard, as well as a poster with your name on it on the wall. There is a goal of raising $2,700 this year, so let’s all pitch in and help to make next year great!

Bill #5400, an act to require mandatory sexual assault prevention education courses in Minnesota high schools, and bill #5110, an act to require public elementary schools to offer at least one foreign language to their students were the first two bill signed into law this year by our Governor, Tyler Zitewitz.

And finally, upper legislature file #6203, an act to legalize public nude beaches, went through the Forest and Wilderness Committee with astonishing approval last night, with an almost unanimous vote in favor. Most of the delegates in the committee supported the bill because they believe it supported gender equality. Although there was an opposing argument that it is against normal tradition, but people in support of the bill are trying to change the way society views sexuality.

And that’s all folks, check back in for more detailed news as it happens and a re-cap at the end of every day here at YIG. Don’t forget to tune in to “Lit at Late Night” on channel 65. Thanks for Reading, and I’ll see you all next time.


Written by: Kenny Schmitt


Check out a short segment from the Radio folks about whY I Give

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