Lobbyist; Your Biggest Alliance in Leg

A lobbyist is a resource that you can hire to help you to pass your bill. We are here for you,” explains Aili Evans, the Lobbyist executive director. Evans explained the meaning of the lobbyist position and how the purpose of a lobbyist is to help delegates. A lobbyist’s job is to help pass a bill that delegates are truly passionate about, or to kill a bill you really dislike or oppose. A lobbyist is there to help voice an opinion, support a bill to get passed, or oppose a bill.

As Evans spoke, she described lobbyists’ roles and positions with real enthusiasm and passion. She feels passionate for what lobbyists do in their committees to positively effect the Legislation at MAS. Evans and her lobbyists want to assist Legislative delegates “I and the rest of the lobbyists will help in any situation with your legislative agenda.” Evans passion for the job and the lobbyists show optimism for the future of the Legislature.

After meeting with Evans, Media spoke with lobbyist Emily Hacker, to get her take of how lobbyists want to help delegates and what delegates should know. Hacker, a first-year lobbyist, explains, “We can help delegates get their bill passed by providing a positive image and influence from a well- known company or association such as HealthPartners, Minnesota Medical Association, Planned Parenthood and more.” Hacker plays the role of a lobbyist representing HealthPartners. Hacker explained lobbyists and what the job entails, “We are basically the organization’s voice in legislation by sharing their viewpoints on different matters, which you can use us to help support or oppose a bill.” lobbyists are legislator’s friends and can help delegates succeed at YIG.

At the end of Evans interview, she explained what the weekend holds: “This weekend is going to be very fun for both the lobbyist and the spectators to watch. There may or may not be some turmoil in the future about some specific bills, but at this point we’d like to keep it pretty non-descriptive.” Many are left wondering what this means. Be sure to keep an eye on lobbyists. Who knows what the future may hold at MAS?

Written by Melissa Hacker, Newspaper