Delegates Debate Education


Each year at YIGMA, with new delegates comes new ideas, new perspectives and new outlooks on dozens of political issues. With such an influx of new and recent proposals controversy can arrive anywhere. Not even a day into YIGMA, and delegates across the program have already battled, testified and motioned ways into rigorous debates.

Yielding a younger pool of delegates, the lower legislative program area consists of two houses and two senates. After sitting in on the first committee session of YIGMA, tensions are rising as dozens of delegates fight for bills with high levels of passion and eloquence. This has been especially apparent in the Humphrey House’s committee sessions, one out of two houses of the lower Legislator.

In the Education committee, tensions were running high as delegates debated the morality of several educational bills. One in particular, bill number 3202, was a movement to ban merit-based payment for teachers in Minnesota public schools. The committee leader, Srgt. At Arms, Isabelle Lyon of the Ridgedale delegation, administered a lively debate amongst delegates.

“It’s great to see young delegates so passionate about education, especially because it is such a big part of our youth delegates’ lives,” comments Lyon.

The debate began with much controversy. For instance, whether teachers would have the same amount of incentive to effectively teach students if no bonus was a possibility. Delegate Kirat Baveja of the Ridgedale Delegation opposed the bill and also proposed an amendment.

Baveja proceeded to testify that, “It’s unfair to deprive solid, well-meaning government workers the chance to receive bonuses if their work merits such.” As a result, Baveja proposed an amendment to require performance evaluation of bonus-candidates. After a grueling session, Lyon, the committee chair, administered a vote 13 to 13 a dead tie. This was the third consecutive tie in the lower legislative education committee; the bill was then tabled.

With much debate still to come, delegates can look forward to lively discussion. Despite Model Assembly kicking off with several political stalemates, delegates can count on an eventful weekend here at the Hilton.

Written by Kelsey Deering, Newspaper