Seniors Say Goodbye

The end of Model Assembly each year comes with the end of an era for the senior delegates. Whether they have been in the program since Leadership Corps, or their first year is also their last, the final Model Assembly is one full of excitement, and nostalgia at the routine things that make Model Assembly what it is. This year, in Digital Media, six of the eight members are graduating come spring. While some people have come and gone, the group has formed bonds that will last for a lifetime. We thought it only fitting that we say goodbye on the medium that brought us together in the first place.

Parker Brady was lucky enough to find her home in Digital as soon as she came out of Leadership Corps. Along with 2016 Media Director Mikaela Blount, the two joined the program area in its first year, and helped shape it into what it is today. Parker, through all her experiences in YIG, is “not capable of beginning to imagine a better way to spend my time.” To her, Digital Media means everything. To all of us it does. Parker, with her never-faltering confidence, and strength to lead under the most stress, has fearlessly brought Digital Media to a place of conviction, courage, and determination. Despite the loss of so many leading members this year, we all leave the program with total confidence in the future.

Zach McCormick took over the McCormick name after his brother, Mason, acted as the first ever Digital Manager his senior year. Zach found the program he’ll remember forever in his sophomore year. Zach, with his tenacity and morale, he brought personality and stories to Digital that clearly show his love for the program. His experiences in Model Assembly are “something that he will never forget.” His memories in Digital have become the best years of his Youth in Government experience, and the friends he has met are not “just friends while I’m at the conference. They are going to be friends for years to come.” As a long-time member, and huge contributor, Zach’s work and personality will never be forgotten.

Logan Welshons, Digital Media Assistant Manager, joined the team last year. In four days, he slid in perfectly, bringing with him an abundance of creativity, and fresh ideas. He never stops thinking of new, inventive stories, supporting each and every member in whatever story, idea, and opinion they have. He’s brought a constant flow of positivity to the group, and has left his permanent mark on the program. Logan’s endless love and passion for Digital, which is abundantly clear to us all, comes because “it builds you up to create totally dope things with all your friends in the media, and the bonds and stories you create continue well past Model Assembly.” Thank you, Logan, for bringing such a fresh, wonderful take on media to us all in Digital.

Ian Smith came into the “glorious thing called Digital Media” with Logan in his junior year. With his uninterrupted, through-the-roof energy, and his strength to never back down from a story, he brought strong stories, and an entertainment value to Digital each day he walked in. When he steps into Model Assembly, he knows “that without a doubt Digital will find the stories and they will report objectively and unafraid.” Ian is eternally grateful to everyone that has made his time here great, and we are all just as grateful to him for making our time great.

Clayton Johnson, our newest member of Digital Media, has fit in quickly and easily in just four days. His year in Digital has been his favorite year, and in no other program area has he felt so busy for so much of the time. “Yet it never felt like work. Ever. This year I had a sense of family. I have gotten to know my fellow bloggers and tweeters so well over the course of a weekend. They taught me the ways of stroll and poll, which I am now a master of.” Although Clayton hasn’t been with Digital for a long time, he has left his mark. Digital Media is honored that Clayton chose our program area for his last year.

I, Tori Miller, have been in Digital since my sophomore year. Coming in with Zach and Parker, I found my home as soon as I stepped into the media room. Through blog posts, tweets, instagrams, and texts, who knew I could find a place I feel welcomed totally and completely, with social media. The people I met through Digital are friends that I will have for the rest of my life. In 12 days, three Model Assembly’s, we have covered everything from lunch and dinner locations, to the controversy of elected officers. Now, writing one of my last posts as Digital Media Blog Manager, all I can say is thank you. Thank you to the delegates, to Betty and Carrie, to Mikaela our Media Director, and to the Digital team for giving me some of the best days of my life. Stroll and poll forever, yo.

Written by Tori Miller, Digital Media

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