Model Assembly 2016 Signed Bills

Governor AJ Yablonsky’s Signed Bills

Bill 5101 An act to Provide Truth in Student Loan Indebtedness by Erik Barsness from Mounds View

Bill 5205 An act to Allow third-party ownership of residential solar installations by Andy Gabler from Ridgedale

Bill 5207 An act to Deteriorate the population of Zebra Mussels within Minnesota lakes by Emilia Czapiewska from Highland Park

Bill 5213 An act to Tax the use of single – use disposable plastic bags by Kalli Mcintoch from Hastings

Bill 5217 An act to prohibit the euthanizing of domestic animals housed in animal shelters for the sole reason that they have exceeded a predetermine time limit by Joe Day from Hastings
Bill 5301 An act to Expand upon the Prosecution of Sex offenders by Kaitlyn Benz from Elk River

Bill 5303 An act to require all police officers operating within the State of Minnesota to wear On-Officer Recording Systems while on active duty and all police vehicles to be equipped with dashboard cameras by Brendan Barrow from Southdale

Bill 5304 An act to Reducing or terminating incarceration time of persons involved in non-violent drug offenses as well as increasing rehabilitation programs by Lillian Schmitz from Brainerd

Bill 5311 An act to Reducing negligent gun deaths by Ryne Renzaglia from Emma B. Howe

Bill 5405 An act to mandate sexual education as a required health credit in all public secondary schools by Claire Walton from Brainerd

Bill 5413 An act to provide a tac incentive for grocery stores to donate unexpired foods that is past the seek by date to food shelves

Bill 5501 An act to allow the option to have your blood type places on your permit and/or license by Chelsea Bassett from Duluth

Bill 5504 An act to stiffen the consequences of impaired driving by Emma Anderson from Brainerd

Bill 5508 An act to allow licensing of students to drive in rural areas at the age
of 15 by William Griffith from Vermilion

Bill 5511 An act to ban the destruction and diposal of unsold food by grocery stores by Amelia Howard from Fridley

Bill 5513 An act to require schools to notify students and parents if school will be cancelled due to cols bt the night before the cold day by Gabrielle Novak from Hastings

Bill 6200 An act to Allow and regulate cloning of livestock for breeding and commercial use by Grace Jubista from Jordan

Bill 6201 An act to Require all public K-12 to use only compostable or recyclable materials in their cafeterias by Elizabeth Strom from Hyland Park

Bill 6202 An act to eliminate restrictions on the use of residential renewable energy source by Danika Brockman from Orono

Bill 6302 An act to mandate that all Minnesota police officers and troopers must wear a body camera at all times by Sam Simon from Ridgedale

Lieutenant Governor Annalee Blake’s Signed Bills

Bill 1000 An act to fund musical performances in public schools thought Minnesota by Jake Rabon From Lakeville

Bill 1300 An act to male recycling and composting systems mandatory in all Minnesota Public Schools by Julia Boyd from Duluth

Bill 1301 An act to completely prohibit the use of methyl bromide on our crops by Samantha Seebeck from Hastings

Bill 1312 An act to require high school sport teams to test for anabolic steroid use once a season by Nathan Clemens from Hastings

Bill 1508 An act to requires Minnesota high schools to have a mandatory health class to graduate Madisyn Lyons from Red Wing

Bill 1305 An act to restrict mining within ten miles of any water source that runs off to the Boundary Waters by Mikala Bredeson, Mounds View

Bill 1513 An act to require a baseline concussion test along with the annual physical for high school student athletics by Maria Haley, Red Wing

Bill 2300 An act to ban all sulfide mining from Minnesota by Erin Reding, AFSA

Bill 2303 An act to mandate teachers’ Red Cross Certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, automated external defibrillators and first aid by Tyler Engel, Hastings

Bill 2400 An act to raise the fine for texting and driving by Isabelle Anderson, Ridgedale

Bill 2401 An act to ban all use of handheld cellular devices, while operating a motor vehicle in the state of Minnesota by Alex Berger, Orono

Bill 2405 An act to provide public transportation to low income families by Cassandra Thomas, Emma B. Howe

Bill 2501 An act to require public high school districts to provide mental health services at their schools by Michael Pak, Mounds View

Bill 2505 An act to amend MSBA policy on DNR-DNI orders by Elizabeth McCormick, Burnsville

Bill 2408 An act to make wearing a helmet mandatory for the operator and passenger when on a motorcycle by Hannah Barlow, Red Wing

Bill 3007 An act to require schools to offer a personal finance class by Livia Knilians, Shakopee

Bill 3107 An act to forbid smoking in an enclosed vehicle with a child by Ellie Schlangen, Red

Bill 3111 An act to have commercial logging companies plant ten trees for every one they cut by Matea Simonson, Red Wing

Bill 3200 An act to require all sex and HIV/STI education provided in k12 schools include contraceptive education by Thea Fisher, Brainerd

Bill 3215 An act to require all students in MN public schools take a Spanish class beginning in first grade, or early language emersion by Kelsey Deering, Ridgedale

Bill 3304 An act to ban sports facilities from using known carcinogens in things like AstroTurf by Matthew Walker, Lakeville

Bill 3306 An act to create more homeless youth shelters by Samantha Broadhead, Fridley

Bill 3410 An act to require all police officers to use body cameras by Emmanuel Mongare, Mounds View

Bill 3501 An act to require Minnesota passenger automobile dealers to make 10% of their new inventory for sale electric or hybrid by 2021 by Micah Bowe, Highland Park

Bill 4003 An act to repeal blue laws in the state of Minnesota by Daniel Hunter, Shakopee

Bill 4005 An act to require all restaurants in Minnesota to have a calorie count on all menus by Donovan Mcgee, Highland Park

Bill 4006 An act to repeal Minnesota law stating that alcohol can not be sold in stores on Sundays by Emma Waugh, Mounds View

Bill 4203 An act to make it mandatory for public schools to give every student 3 mental health days per school year by Emily Hanna, Duluth

Bill 4405 An act to re-enfranchise Minnesotans who have committed felonies by ensuring that felons on probation and parolees have the right to vote by Benjamin Jaeger, Southdale

Bill 4406 An act to end punitive solitary confinement in juvenile facilities by Jacqueline Nguyen, Shakopee

Bill 4407 An act to ban the sale and distribution of non biodegradable plastic bags in big business by Tyra Branwall, Shakopee