Governor Yablonsky Press Release

Governor AJ Yablonsky would like to issue the following statement regarding social media use at Model Assembly:

“The highest priority of the administration of Annalee and myself is to make sure that everyone here at Model Assembly feels safe and included. While we have had an incredible conference filled with positivity so far, there have been several instances where some delegates have not felt as though their peers value them. This is something that has really disappointed us.

We believe social media to be extremely important in today’s world. However, we feel strongly that the goal of social media, especially at YIG, should be to share all of the great things that we’re doing here. When it changes to negativity and hurtful speech, the integrity of the entire program is called into question.

We know we can’t stop you from using YikYak and other forms of social media, and we don’t want to. They can be fantastic ways to communicate ideas, and that’s so special. But positivity and inclusion are crucial aspects of what we stand for as an administration and as a program. Please, for the rest of this conference, think before you post, and do right by Youth in Government.”