Model Assembly Meets Real World

The beauty of a program such as Youth in Government is our connection to the real world. Being given an opportunity to learn the inner workings of our government, the processes of the court systems, and the fast paced, exciting world of media.

Today, media delegates got an extra look into the real world that we are recreating. While the steady flow of organized chaos continued in the media room, Tom Weber, Minnesota Public Radio host, addressed a group of managers, reporters, and videographers. He spoke of his most hectic days at work, scrapping entire stories hours before going on the air and building a new one from scratch. Our delegates, with only days in this area, know too well the frenzied feelings of those hours.

Weber spoke to the work of media delegates in great words, full of knowledge each of us could keep in mind. He wholeheartedly believes that the vast majority of those in politics really do have the best of intentions. “They are good people trying to do good things.” When reporting on politics, as we are this weekend, it is easy to focus on policy only, Weber told us. They are human beings too, though. There are endless stories to cover at Model Assembly. From each person, bill, and court case. The tough questions are good to ask, but the personal stories should be reached too. “Not everyone is out to get us, and we shouldn’t always be out to get them.” Weber gave us yet another pearl of wisdom to take with us as we report this weekend, and as we continue on to bigger stages.

Weber left us with one last note. “You don’t always hit it [the stories] out of the park.” This is a great thing to keep in mind for us, when frustration comes with a missed deadline or unsuccessful story. These are both parts of the job, and in the long run, teach us to be better reporters.

This article was written by Tori Miller, from Digital Media.