ISIS Crisis

By: Alex Silvestri
Every year at Model United Nations the Security Council undergoes a late night crisis. The crisis timing and topics are kept top secret throughout the conference and are only released once the delegates are in the room and the crisis is underway. During the crisis they are woken up in the middle of the night and brought together in the Security Council room and made to stay there until the crisis is resolved. Many delegates have said that participating in the crisis is one of their favorite parts of the conference. Delegates who are a part of the crisis learn to think on their feet and in high-pressure situations. They also learn how to maintain composure and keep their thoughts collected and organized, even when groggy and sleep-deprived.

An example of a crisis is as follows, “Iraq/Syria- In a stunning turn of events, the sudden ground to air combat presence of ISIS forces has allowed the Islamic militants to push back the Kurdish Peshmerga and take the cities of Saadiyah and Jalawla which lay on the northern route to Baghdad. Kurdish forces are the only significant ground opposition to ISIS forces after the Iraqi army abandoned their posts.”