Behind the Scenes of YIG

By: Alex Silvestri
Youth in Government prides itself on being a student-run, adult supervised conference, but all the credit of a successful weekend cannot be solely given to the youth-leaders. Yes, the conference would not be possible without delegates willing to stand up and take charge,but many are wondering; what goes on behind the scenes to make it possible for high school and middle school delegates to have so much freedom, responsibility, and say during and leading up to the conferences? Delegates often see adult advisors, resource advisors, secretariats, and other volunteers running around during conferences to keep things in order, but what often goes unseen is the work that Orville Lindquist, state program executive, and Sam Alley, state program director.

Lindquist and Alley work closely with delegation advisors, the State Steering Committee members and State Board members to continue to provide and enhance the Youth in Government experience. The two also spend a great deal of time communicating with hotel staff, skyway businesses and employees, leaders at the Capitol, and guest speakers ensuring that delegates have places to stay, eat, and work. One of the big projects Lindquist and Alley were heading up this past winter was to search for a potential new hotel to hold the 2016 Model United Nations as Youth in Government’s contract with the Marriott expires this year and also in response to the growing size of participation for the conference. After much deliberation and research into all possible options, Lindquist and Alley concluded to renew a three-year contract with the Marriott. Both look forward to continuing successful MUN conferences at the hotel that represents a second home to many delegates.