Return of the Freshmen?

By: Mitch Osland

Last year, at the 2014 Model Assembly, there were two candidates running for Governor and Lt. Governor that were particularly interesting. There were two ninth graders by the names of Matthew Ternus and Savannah Klein from the Elk River Delegation. They were running for the highest elected positions in the YIG program.

Typically, 11th graders run for the roles of Governor and Lt. Governor. These two freshman were revolutionary in their campaign. Although they did not win, they still received votes and support from many people.

Now, there is a rumor that Matthew and Savannah are running again for Governor and Lt. Governor. At this time, they have said that they’re not officially running. “Matt and I are not sure yet, ” says Savannah. “We don’t want to announce anything yet.” Currently, Matthew will also not state if he and Savannah will run at this time.

If they were to run next year, they would be 11th graders making their campaign stronger. Their history with the YIG program could create an interesting campaign and their reputation may help them succeed in receiving support.