The History of Youth in Government

By: Jonathan Ramit, YIG Newspaper

For decades, YMCA  Youth in Government has helped students understand the way their government operates and that their voices matter.

The first Minnesotan Model Assembly convened in 1946. The conference was a much smaller affair and was made up of only the House and Senate while the election for Youth Governor was held biennially instead of annually.

The choice to have the election annually was made in 1965. In the same year changes were made to attract more participants to the growing program. These changes included the creation of the press to run alongside the traditional Model Assembly and the addition of positions to assist the Lieutenant Governor and Governor

Throughout the years, programs like the Executive Cabinet, Attorney General, Lobbyists, Secretary of State’s Office, and the Court of Appeals were also added to attract new participants and give students a better feel for how the state government works.

Youth in Government has been evolving into the bigger and better program we know today. It continues to change with the discontinuation of the positions like Attorney General in 2013 and the addition of positions like the Media Manager position in 2014. It will continue to evolve as the years go on and will always be a great place to make new friends, express opinions, and become a leader.