EDITORIAL: Lobbyists Struggle to Connect with Legislators

By Ian Smith

“My delegates do not know who the lobbyists are or what they do” said the Speaker of the Humphrey House, Quinn Mcdonagh on Friday. On the second day of Model Assembly it’s clear that there is disconnect between the lobbyists and the lower legislative branch. The lobbyist’s job to influence the legislators is suffering because of the lack of knowledge about what they do and their availability to all legislative delegates. A junior lobbyist stated “I think the delegates know who we are but they don’t know how to use us to get their bill passed.”

I walked in on a room full of lobbyists on their phones, and one group working in the back who said they were trying to get the word out on what they do and how they can help delegates. Dan Huset, the Lobbyist Executive Director, explained that he’s using today as a way to mend the rift between the two interdependent sections of YIG. To all members of the legislature: to enlist a lobbyist go to Directors Row 4 in the hotel and room 107 in the capitol.