Voting and Election Results

By: Sarah Schuler

March 29th 2014

One of the unique aspects of the Model United Nations program is the elections that take place every year on Saturday morning. Students have the opportunity to listen to speeches given by candidates, and vote for the person they think would best fit the position. This year is the first year that the election process is being handled by the Conference Resource Center (CRC). James Farnsworth and his staff have been preparing for this morning all weekend.

The election process is very simple. “The office prints out the officer application forms and they are due noon on Friday. After the filing deadline, the Director of Elections starts working on the voter’s guide,” explains James Farnsworth. “We type out the information the candidates submitted on their forms. We work on the Voter’s Guide all day Friday and we usually finish it late Friday night. Saturday morning starts elections. Members of the CRC, State Steering Committee, Appointed Officials, and Elected Officers help administer the elections process. The election process consists of a nominating speaker and candidate speeches. This year with the CRC Director being a Statewide Office, each delegate votes for that office and their program area official. We then count the ballots.”