Two Crises

By: Rebecca Sward

March 28th 2014

Two Crises rocked the United Nations General Assemblies today, and the newspaper has the scoop on both of them. First off, between the Republic of Brazil and the People’s Republic of China, Republic of India, Republic of South Africa, Republic of the Maldives and the United States of America, have released a formal statement on the disappearance of a United Nations passenger plane, model Antonov AN-124. It carried passengers from Brazil, China, India, South Africa and medical supplies and personal from the United States and Maldives. After failing to respond to air communications three consecutive times, the plane has been declared missing while traveling from Rio de Janeiro to an eastern Russian province. It was last reported to be in International waters, northwest of Hawaii, and no communication since has reached them. Unfortunately, the plane carried ambassadors on a peaceful envoy to Russia to attend the BRICS economic and political conference.

After much deliberation in the dead of night, the countries with personnel aboard this flight came to four points of general consensus.

  • The most probable cause of the missing plane was technical or human error, due to the plane being over three decades old.
  • Other probable causes may be foul play, and that possibility will be investigated to full force by the United Nations.
  • All countries and the international communities involved will cooperate in the search and recovery of the plane.
  • The member states will work with the international community on this issue and keep the plane in our thoughts.


Historic Security Council also covered a matter of international security, but one that was a blast from the past. Fifty-two years ago on October 16th, Russia and the United States faced off in the first crisis of weapons of mass destruction, the Cuban missile crisis. In the Historic Security Council, both nations have abused the loophole in the treaty by moving their missiles to other neighboring nations, further deepening the crisis.