Opening Session

By: Rebecca Sward

March 27th 2014

Opening ceremonies as ready to begin as YIG participants were to get them started. Imagine the world’s greatest procession of top representative from all the world’s countries. Now imagine that with the addition of bagpipes. That is the only way to describe the opening procession of the Model Assembly. The opening ceremonies were heralded with a stunning traditional scottish bagpipe.When all in the room had settled down to the call of the gavel, the announcement rang out through all the halls. The 2014 Model United Nations is now in session.

With the meeting room in order, the secretary general took the microphone in hand and gave a rousing speech to the assembly. He spoke of the diverse viewpoints this world had to offer, and how Model United Nations was a place for which all different people to collaborate, whether their goals be world peace or feeding a hungry world. The secretary of state, however optimistic, was also frank about the difficulties that lie ahead for the conference. When everybody wants their voice to be heard, it is easy to fall silent amongst the many. In the words of the secretary general “But with perseverance there is always a solution to be found.”To stress the importance of a delegate’s determination for their voice to be heard, the secretary regaled the conference with the tale of Baodi, a man who suffered a stroke which led to his total paralysis except for his left eye. With only his mind left, his assistant devised a way for his voice to still be heard. The assistant read every letter of the french alphabet one by one, waiting for Baodi to blink when he read the correct letter. Through ten months of this process, the two of them managed to publish Baodi’s final memoir, “Diving Bell and Butterfly” shortly before his death.  Which just goes to show despite the circumstance weighed against, one can accomplish much if they have a strong enough will to be heard.

Afterwards, the International Court of Justice head came to summon those countries which would have court cases within the ICJ, including Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Bolivia, Sweden and Uganda. He kept the code of conduct fresh with a number of jokes, including referring to his own justice robes as death eater robes. Finally the meeting ended with the commencement of the Why I Give 2014 campaign for Model United Nations. Be sure to visit them and consider the final words of the Secretary of State. “The success of this weekend is in your hands” and  Reminder from Hughes, be respectful to the space, and practice the four Y core values of  caring, honesty, respect and responsibility to make the conference as good as possible.