New Faces of MUN

By: Molly Hoyt

March 27th 2014

Each year at model united nations is another opportunity to forge new friendships. It is a time

to bond over Countries, activities and issues. Everyday of the conference offers something

new, especially for newcomers to MUN. Their eyes are wide with excitement as they take in

everything this conference has to offer. By the end of the weekend they have made friendships

that will last through all of their YIG years and beyond.

Today a group of boys were listening very carefully to their delegation leader, taking

everything she had to say. When these boys were asked what they were most looking forward

there was a mix of answers. Mahki J who will be representing Syria in Anderson General

Assembly said, “The evening activities is what I’m most looking forward to, being able to hang

out with my friends after a long day sounds good”. Kamd, who will be representing Agnloa this

session is “Excited mostly about the meetings, just talking to other countries.”

Good luck Boys! Enjoy the conference. Remember to give your country a voice.