Mondale World Briefing

By: Rebecca Sward

March 28th 2014


At 8:30 this morning, every country from Algeria to Zimbabwe gathered in the Mondale General assembly for the worldwide update. The update began with the organ reports of individual committees read by the respective presidents. Overpopulated countries was a big issue before the briefing and a resolution was passed to promote the use of contraceptives and sex education, in addition to women’s rights in countries where overcrowding is a problem.

In the economic and financial committee, the delegates discussed widespread bribery amongst public officials, and there are several working papers they are hoping to turn into resolutions. Social and Cultural committee is working on restrictions on adoptions, and when they finish discussing the matter they will move on to honor killings. The President of the Security Council updated the world on their discussion of biological weapons.

Then, the President of Anderson General Assembly spoke of how the younger half of the Model United Nations spent their day. She stressed the importance of introducing the new students to the programs, and that it took over half of the day. Once tutorials were finished, the committees were let loose.

Political and Security discussed drone surveillance, and came up with a resolution that drones may only be used for military purpose in defending countries. The Social, Humanitarian and Cultural committee also spoke on honor killings, while the Junior Security Council discussed safe zones in Syria for refugees and restricting use of biological weapons

The Economic and Social Council president addressed their discussion on human waste management, and currently have an amended resolution drafted by the US and Sudan. Their next issue of discussion is literacy.

After, the President of the ICJ stood up to cover the cases which had been deliberated so far, including Uganda vs. Sweden and laws regarding homosexuality, Brazil vs. Sweden on laws regarding the cocaine trade, and a sovereignty dispute between Russia and Ukraine. South Africa, Norway, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico and the United States were also called for cases today. Finally, the human rights council spoke of their death penalties resolution.