Inside the International Court of Justice

By: Hailey Frase and Molly Hoyt

March 28th 2014

In an exclusive interview with the President and Vice President of the International Court

of Justice, Ranveer Vasdev and Will Larsen respectively, insight on their perspective on the

coming weekend was shared.

Media: What is ICJ, for those who don’t know?

RV: The National Court of the UN presides over legal issues of countries

Media: So who is invited to see these court cases?

RV: Anyone and everyone is welcome!

Media: What got you interested in participating in the ICJ?

RV: My sister was vice president at one time, and so she got me into it all. But I’ve been doing

Model UN for 3 years now.

Media: So what are you most excited about being the president and vice president on the ICJ?

RV: Just really working with the kids and giving them the opportunity of Model UN.

WL: I had my first year on the ICJ last year and it’s probably my new favorite organ, so I

completely agree.

Media: What court case are you most looking forward to?

RV: There are so many cases to choose from, but one of the big cases that I’m really looking

forward to is the DPR case and security council.

WL: And I’m really looking forward to the India/Pakistan case.

Media: Why?

RV: Just because it’s a very unique case structure. Never before have we had a member sue an

entire organ. So to see that… it’s very interesting.

WL: There is a lot of tension between India and Pakistan, probably something either with

borders or illegal arms, which is always exciting. Also, the Friday cases get super heated, and it’s

exciting when people get heated about it all. Friday cases are so awesome.

RV: Yeah, Thursday is more of an introductory day, but Friday is all the hard cases and then

Saturday we just taper off and wrap up… put a bow on it.

Media: Lastly, will either of you be participating in the talent show?

RV: Unfortunately, no. I forgot my instrument! I play the bassoon.

ICJ Court case times are posted outside the CRC room on the fourth floor. Anyone is welcome to

sit in on cases, so stop in and catch some of the action!