Editor’s Farwell

By: Mikaela Blount

Unfortunately this is the end of the 2014 Model United Nations conference. But don’t let the thought of the end keep you from being proud of the amazing accomplishments you all have made at the conference. Each and every one of you has made this conference one that will be remembered forever.

Every organ has made memories that will last a lifetime. I have seen the organs passionately debate the topics while staying in their country’s mindset the entire time. The organs have created resolutions that are both very realistic and making a positive impact on the entire world; the Senior Security Council had Russia and the United States came to the one of the quickest, sensible resolutions I have seen in my experience in MUN.

Through the Media perspective, this was an incredible conference. There were so many stories to cover that unfortunately, we could not get to all of them. I am very proud of this year’s conference and you all should be too. To the seniors, keep everything you have learned through your experience at MUN and apply it to your future because you have memories that will last a lifetime. Everyone else, keep building on this experience because I see amazing things for the future of MUN.