By: Sarah Schuler

March 28th 2014

The Conference Resource Center, or the CRC, may be the most important, and helpful office at the Model United Nations conference. When YIG Media polled delegates, fifty percent didn’t know what the CRC does. Comparable to the Secretary of State’s office at Model Assembly, the CRC produces a voter’s guide, handles elections, and provides computers for delegates to do research.

The CRC is located in the Pine Lake conference room, and is staffed by Director James Farnsworth and six knowledgeable delegates that are available to help you with your every need. The staff can help you do research on your country if you have an unexpected crisis, or just need more information on a topic in your committee. “We love to help eager delegates wanting to know more about their country,” says staff member Jessie Mansur. “Whether it be Committee, Summit, or ICJ related, we’ll be here to work with you.”

What most people don’t know about the CRC is that they run elections for all of the Model UN leadership positions. The staff works hard processing applications, creating a voter’s guide, and enforcing election rules. “We are very excited about the Conference Resource Center’s new role of facilitating elections. We are excited to see how everything turns out tomorrow,” said CRC Director James Farnsworth.