Month: March 2014

  • Voting and Election Results

    By: Sarah Schuler March 29th 2014 One of the unique aspects of the Model United Nations program is the elections that take place every year on Saturday morning. Students have the opportunity to listen to speeches given by candidates, and vote for the person they think would best fit the position. This year is the first year that the election… Continue reading "Voting and Election Results"

  • Editor’s Farwell

    By: Mikaela Blount Unfortunately this is the end of the 2014 Model United Nations conference. But don’t let the thought of the end keep you from being proud of the amazing accomplishments you all have made at the conference. Each and every one of you has made this conference one that will be remembered forever. Every organ has made memories… Continue reading "Editor’s Farwell"

  • Passed Resolutions of 2014

    By: Hailey Frase March 29th 2014 Human Rights Council: Human Rights Council resolution three regarding capital punishment of criminal youth passed with a vote of 35 ayes and zero nays. HRC resolution two regarding freedom of worship passed with a vote of 30 ayes, one nay and four abstentions. HRC resolution two regarding media censorship passes with a vote of 29 ayes,… Continue reading "Passed Resolutions of 2014"

  • By: Sarah Schuler March 28th 2014 The Conference Resource Center, or the CRC, may be the most important, and helpful office at the Model United Nations conference. When YIG Media polled delegates, fifty percent didn’t know what the CRC does. Comparable to the Secretary of State’s office at Model Assembly, the CRC produces a voter’s guide, handles elections, and provides… Continue reading ""

  • New Faces of MUN

    By: Molly Hoyt March 27th 2014 Each year at model united nations is another opportunity to forge new friendships. It is a time to bond over Countries, activities and issues. Everyday of the conference offers something new, especially for newcomers to MUN. Their eyes are wide with excitement as they take in everything this conference has to offer. By the… Continue reading "New Faces of MUN"

  • Mondale World Briefing

    By: Rebecca Sward March 28th 2014   At 8:30 this morning, every country from Algeria to Zimbabwe gathered in the Mondale General assembly for the worldwide update. The update began with the organ reports of individual committees read by the respective presidents. Overpopulated countries was a big issue before the briefing and a resolution was passed to promote the use… Continue reading "Mondale World Briefing"

  • Two Crises

    By: Rebecca Sward March 28th 2014 Two Crises rocked the United Nations General Assemblies today, and the newspaper has the scoop on both of them. First off, between the Republic of Brazil and the People’s Republic of China, Republic of India, Republic of South Africa, Republic of the Maldives and the United States of America, have released a formal statement… Continue reading "Two Crises"

  • Opening Session

    By: Rebecca Sward March 27th 2014 Opening ceremonies as ready to begin as YIG participants were to get them started. Imagine the world’s greatest procession of top representative from all the world’s countries. Now imagine that with the addition of bagpipes. That is the only way to describe the opening procession of the Model Assembly. The opening ceremonies were heralded with… Continue reading "Opening Session"

  • WhY I Give

    By: Sarah Schuler March 27th 2014 WhY I Give is a new campaign to raise funds to  provide financial aid for delegates and fund new program areas for future conferences. Last year, $500 was raised, but at the opening ceremony, Chair of the State Steering Committee Kristina Hufnagle and Vice Chair Jack Ellis set a goal for delegates to raise… Continue reading "WhY I Give"

  • Inside the International Court of Justice

    By: Hailey Frase and Molly Hoyt March 28th 2014 In an exclusive interview with the President and Vice President of the International Court of Justice, Ranveer Vasdev and Will Larsen respectively, insight on their perspective on the coming weekend was shared. Media: What is ICJ, for those who don’t know? RV: The National Court of the UN presides over legal… Continue reading "Inside the International Court of Justice"