Goodbye to Seniors

By: Sarah Dorey
For some, the last year blues is sinking in, but for many the excitement of the first year is just  beginning.  The seniors this year are not excited for the end. I talked with a few of them and this is what they had to say.

Secretary of State Sarah Schuler, says “It is really sad, I keep thinking about how it is the last time I will do this or that, like this is the last time waking up Friday morning of YIG.” Sarah also said that she plans on returning next year to be a Resource Advisor; she even made sure she only applied to colleges that would allow her to come back.

When asked, “What are your feelings about being a senior?” Jonathan Ramit, newspaper editor, replied “Sad, I have been in YIG the past four years. I started in the Legislature then came to Media. I really like the media and wish I would have found it sooner.” Jonathan doesn’t believe he will be coming back because he will be out of state for school.

Marissa Duryee and Greg Augustine of the News Station agreed that being a senior is bittersweet. Of course they are able to come back as Resource Advisors, but they say it won’t ever be the same as being a delegate in the program. They both say if it is possible they will be back to advise in the media in later years.

“Being a senior is like being an elder and having your heart ripped out. I have been to over 25 conferences and will miss it all when I leave,” Deanna Sheshukova says as she looks back on all that she has done. She is a junior lobbyist in her last year. Deanna would also love to give a shout out to all her fellow seniors. She has assured me she will be back as an advisor in the years to follow.

“It is interesting [being a senior]…being in the program you experience watching people who come in behind you, excited to be here and enjoying it. It hasn’t quite hit me yet that it all will be over, but I am just gonna live in the moment,” said Sola Olateju, Lt. Governor. Sola is unsure if he will be back to be an advisor. He says it might be too overwhelming to come back but he also wants to see some delegates that he has grown close to.

Conner Kratz and Kelsey Lappegaard say that it still hasn’t hit them that it is their last year as YIG delegates

It is sad to see our seniors move on from this inspirational program. We wish them the best and hope to see them around YIG in the future!