World Without Genocide

Beginning with the opening ceremony delegates heard from guest speaker Ellen Kennedy, who talked about her travels over the years and the encounters she has had along the way.  The places Kennedy traveled to had to do with genocides that happened or are happening around the world, for example the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Cambodia.

Set up around the 4th floor are 4 tents representing the countries of Argentina, Cambodia, Congo, and Bosnia.  Each tent is painted with images related to the country’s culture.  Inside each tent is information and pictures about the genocides, concentration camps, and any other relatable information. Tents are placed in high schools and universities around the state.  Kennedy, along with Amanda Larson, work for a nonprofit organization called World Without Genocide.  This organization is a small human rights group whose mission is to protect, prevent, prosecute, and remember the genocides that happen around the world.  World without Genocide’s main goal is to educate and bring awareness of the issues.  This can be achieved on both a local and global levels.  Locally, advocates for the Vote No Campaign, and on the global level, informs about conflicts abroad like human trafficking.  Minnesota is 13th in the nation on the amount of human trafficking, and this is one issue that the World without Genocide is focusing on.  This summer, a camp is available for high school students, and the topic is Genocide and Human Trafficking.  This goes back to connecting a small topic with the larger picture of genocides.

World without Genocide is located on the campus of William and Mitchell College of Law; together the two have collaborated to have events like the recent International Career Panel.  The information that the organization uses is from sources like the New York Times and The Economist.

Larson has been working with World without Genocide for two months now, but has been familiar with the organization for a while.  With Larson, as well as the organization, it is a lot about who you know and how you can use that information to the advantage.  World without Genocide is working to protect, prevent, prosecute, and remember human right issues locally and globally.  Hopefully Model United Nations delegates take interest and continue their education with World without Genocide.