Summit Brings out Tensions between Nations

This morning there was a summit that took place addressing North Korea’s decision to cease communications. North Korea was invited to the summit but declined the invitation. The other nations involved were the United States, France, Japan, South Korea, China, the Russian Federation, and the United Kingdom.

There were two main stances on the issue that emerged from debate. The first was supported mainly by France. France does not recognize North Korea as a nation. This will continue until North Korea agrees to abandon their nuclear program and work to overturn their human rights violations. France fought in debate to renounce North Korea. A representative from France, Matt Foman, commented “North Korea has cut off communication. This conflict cannot be resolved through diplomacy.” France preferred using intimidation tactics in the conflict.

The other main stance on the issue that emerged from debate was a stance advocating diplomatic relations. This stance was mainly supported by China, who acted as a kind of proxy advocating for North Korea while also representing their own interests.

Most of the other nations in attendance fell in between the two stances. The United States, for example, was willing to try diplomatic relations but was prepared to use intimidation techniques if necessary. No action has been decided on at the time of publication.