Nuclear Arms Debated in Security Councils

This year, the Junior and Senior Security Councils are both dealing with the same issues. The main issue they were dealing with this morning was nuclear weapons.

In the Junior Security Council, they began the day debating a working paper that would encourage all nations to cut their nuclear weapons by 80%. The main opposition to this resolution came from the United States and Russia, who are currently the most heavily armed with nuclear weapons.

A resolution is already in place by the United Nations that forces the United States and Russia to decrease their nuclear weapons by 50% by the year 2015, and this new resolution would further add to these cuts. Most nations agree in the Junior Security Council agree that the weapons should be reduced worldwide, however most nations are not willing to contribute the funds to help with the disarmed.

In the Senior Security Council, the main topic of discussion revolved around the Non-Proliferation Treaty and limiting nuclear weaponry. Past precedent in the United Nations says the only the Big 5 nations, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, and China, are the only internationally recognized nations allowed to have nuclear weapons. Several countries, including Columbia, are upset with this because they feel it is unfair to other nations who want international support of their own nuclear programs.

Overall, both Security Councils are making great progress in their debate about the sensitive and very relevant topic of nuclear arms. The Junior Security Council is working together to come closer to passing a resolution, and the Senior Security Council is debating an amendment at the time of publication.