Y-Partners Scholarship Program

By Con Samps

Y-Partners is an organization that gives scholarships to members YMCA programs that need a little help paying the fee to attend.  This group raises funds through donations and in 2012 they raised more than $60,000 in Minnesota alone to give back to the YMCA programs.  These programs include Model Assembly, Model United Nations, Y-CSI and CONA.  Their goal for 2013 is $1,031,000 nationally.

The application process to receive financial aid from the Y-Partners is fairly simple.  Candidates fill out an application online and submit it in order to find out what kind of aid they qualify for.  This is very similar to the process required to apply for financial aid for college.

The process for selecting the recipients of these scholarships is completely unbiased.  Each application is examined individually and a panel of YMCA appointed officials determines the amount of aid given.  There is no set number of scholarships given out each year, so the goal is to assist as many people as possible with the money raised.

Y-Partners is a national group, so money raised goes to different YMCA programs across the nation.  However, when donating to this cause, donors can specify the state program that they wish to assist, should they choose to do so.

This program is at the top of Governor Elia Read and the Lieutenant Governor Emma Schroer’s agenda this year.  The duo has been working with Y-Partners to raise awareness about the program and collect funds throughout the course of Model Assembly.  They will be stationed throughout the skyways with buckets collecting donations during meal times.

Schroer is not only an advocate for this program; she was also a recipient of the scholarships available.  In both eighth and ninth grade, Schroer was able to attend Model Assembly thanks to the Y-Partners program and now she would like to give back.  She “feel[s] strongly about raising funds for this invaluable program so that other passionate kids like [her] can participate” in YMCA programs.