Veto Overridden!

By: Kristen Anderson

Bill #1305, banning smoking in a vehicle with children under the age of 16, was recently debated and passed almost unanimously in both Sibley House and Ramsey Senate. After being passed in Ramsey Senate, the Youth Lieutenant Governor, Emma Schroer, promptly vetoed the bill because of her disagreement with its context. The energy in the joint convention once again was almost unanimous.

Most delegates felt that they had already done the work that needed to be done. The bill had already been passed with an over-whelming majority “yes” vote. The delegates felt that just because the Youth Lieutenant Governor disagreed with the bill, that it isn’t enough of a reason to not override the veto.

The senators and representatives proved their alliance when one delegate motioned to end debate and before the Speaker of the House could say anything, the room erupted with a unanimous “second”! Tallying the Ramsey Senate votes first, with the tally of the Sibley House votes following, the veto had been overridden with a vote of 64 to 3 in Ramsey Senate and 104 to 3 in Sibley House.