Farewell 2013 MN YIG Media

By Mason McCormick, 2013 Digital Media Manager

Here at the media, we had a historic year. This was the first time in YIG history that the 4 branches of the media joined together under one name, MN YIG Media. In the past, the newspaper, radio, TV, and digital acted as separate entities competing for news and doing repetitive stories. The content suffered and real news was lacking.

However, with the new identity of MN YIG Media a new era began. Communication was started between the managers of the four branches. Articles were discussed and themes were made for all branches of the media. Suddenly, the content moved from subpar to superb. We paved a new road for the future of media.

We were also able to compile the best content and archive it on this blog. Future media will be able to see what the past media has done and what was important. This year, we started something that revolutionizes MN YIG Media and more importantly Model Assembly.

But we only started the revolution; we cannot make sure it survives. It’s up to the future of MN YIG Media to make the system last and continue to improve it.

For 2013 MN YIG Media, our journey is over, but our influence is lasting. We say farewell and good luck to the upcoming 2014 MN YIG Media. Make it last.