Banning Abortion

by Kristen Anderson

Before starting this interview, it seemed like it was going to be just another bill banning abortion just because the author doesn’t think it is right. Of course these preconceived notions were based solely on the title of the bill, “An Act to Ban Abortion.”  However, I was pleasantly surprised when I started interviewing Simon Oliver, from the Lakeville Delegation. Things like “preventing physical and emotional damages to the mother” and “alleviate the financial strains that abortion procedures cause” can be found in the text of Oliver’s bill.

At first read, these things might not seem to make much sense. Oliver said when asked about these two points that he, “is trying to cancel out the pain that a woman might go through when having an abortion with the pain she might go through when giving birth.” Oliver’s bill quotes the Minnesotan Department of Public Health’s research stating that “34 percent of abortions performed in 2010 were paid for using tax dollars.” Oliver’s aim for writing this bill is, “To encourage more individuals to avoid getting pregnant by using contraception.” This way using tax payers’ dollars to give women abortions will be avoided and this money can be used for something else that will benefit all.

In Oliver’s bill the statistics of “881 women in 2010 said they have had three or more abortions, and 16 women said they have had nine or more abortions.” Oliver said he, “is open to amendments on his bill. Amendments such as one limiting the number of abortions one individual can have instead of banning abortion for all unless under certain circumstances.”

A question that might be circling in a lot of women’s minds is, “Why should males be able to make laws for women’s health?” In my mind, there was no real reason that men should be able to make decisions for women, but Oliver had a reasonable response when posed with this question. Oliver himself could have been aborted. Although abortion is a women’s health issue, men can be affected by it also. Before writing his bill, Oliver got many opinions from girls and women to make sure the things he placed in his bill were shared opinions of the women and himself.