Program Officers You May Not Know

Model Assembly is full of great leaders and program areas.  Unfortunately, some of them go unnoticed. Mati Hanson the Chief Trial Court Judge, and Emma McBride the the Lobbyist Executive Director are two of these leaders. Their leadership and program areas play important roles in Model Assembly, and we thought you should know a little more about them.


Mati Hanson

What is your job title?

I’m the Chief Judge of Trial Court.

What is the hardest part of your job?

I’d say the hardest part was Thursday night and scheduling all of the cases and making sure that everyone gets to do their case and scheduling for Saturday when you have the Supreme Court in there as well.  And you get really short on judges.

What is the easiest part of your job?

The easiest part I’d say is knowing that my judges are doing what they are doing and I don’t have to check up on their rooms. They are always there and ready to go.

What does your job entail?

I have to make the schedule on Thursdays.  Thursday we teach the Court of Appeals kids how it works in court and teach them about objections.  Friday and Saturday and some of Sunday, we judge cases and then I make the schedule of who judges what case and when.  And then I judge cases too.

What do you think is your biggest impact on the conference?

We are technically the first court system that any case goes through.  If it weren’t for us, the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court wouldn’t have any cases.


Emma McBride

What is your title?

I’m the Lobbyist Executive Director

What does your program area entail?

It entails talking to legislature, testifying in committee, making flyers, and basically doing whatever we possibly can to get our word out on our different coalitions and our organizations.

What’s your job as the leader?

I am here to teach people what a lobbyist actually does and help people get up there in committee and testify.  Basically to help organize different coalitions to get together and all go together on one bill – to pass or fail it.

What is the hardest part?

The hardest part is probably the timing of everything. Lobbyists have to figure out when and where things are and be there at that certain time.  It is really hard for us to do that because there is no schedule on the docket this year.

What is the easiest part?

The easiest part is getting passionate about what you are working on.  A lot of People start off – they have no idea what a lobbyist actually does.  But when you tell them and tell them what they need to be doing, they automatically get into it and get really into their topic.  It’s really fun to see.

What is your impact on the conference?

Basically to help new people find their place in YIG and find their place in the lobbyist program.