Sola Olateju – Final Attorney General

By Jack Stephenson

This is the final year of Attorney General in MN Youth in Government. The person who holds this position is in charge of advising legal matters within state government, which in some real world jurisdictions, have the power and responsibility to actually enforce law and direct public prosecutions. In our model assembly, the Attorney General directs the prosecuting side of the trials. Our Attorney General, Sola Olateju, prides himself on the pursuit of safety.  His main focus is preserving and maintaining the safety of the general public.

So, why is this the position’s final model assembly session?  According to Attorney General Olateju, the position does not play a large enough role in model assembly.  “It hasn’t consistently had a large impact,” says AG Olateju.  The other elected official positions are more influential and necessary. Our Attorney General thinks this is a loss.  Although he acknowledges that the position may sometimes go unnoticed, “those who would have potentially been affected will experience a loss.”

Attorney General Olateju hopes to leave the position with a positive legacy.  The fact that the position will soon disappear does not appear to bring him down in any way.  He plans to win his case and push bills that support his position on public safety.