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  • Another Year in the Books

    by Will J. & Kenny S. This year’s model assembly began just like any other- with the opening sessions and speeches from our governor and our lieutenant governor. We learned about our governor and lieutenant governor’s platforms, what they would hope to focus on and accomplish throughout the weekend. On Friday, we learned about the importance of including delegates at… Continue reading "Another Year in the Books"

  • Unanimous Bills

    by Will J.  Over the course of Friday, there have been a few bills which have passed unanimously in Knutson Senate and Stassen Senate, which is a great accomplishment for these young delegates. Bill #4503, an act to ban the creation of new mines within a 35 mile radius of any state or federal parks and forests, was passed through… Continue reading "Unanimous Bills"

  • Ban or Incentive?

      Is the problem solved? by Alexa Hunter Starting last night, the crisis bill had everyone in a whirlwind trying to get information about it. The governor Hayden Schutt changed his agenda completely, moving agriculture to the top of his priorities. The lobbyists, Samantha Broadhead, Rohan Rokkam, and Mitch Morris, wrote a bill to eliminate the use of herbicides harmful… Continue reading "Ban or Incentive?"

  • Governor and Lieutenant Governor Nominees

    By: Will Johnson, Drew Davis, and Kenny Schmitt Joe Anderson and his running mate Sam Temple hope to make all delegates aware of big YIG decisions year round. Legislatively, they are focused on people issues such as lowering health care and raising minimum wage. Matthew Pastrana and his running mate, Cameron Hake, are running based on the idea of compromise.… Continue reading "Governor and Lieutenant Governor Nominees"

  • Food Options at YIG

    By Alexa H. Everyone looks forward to eating after long sessions, but nobody knows what is open until walking to the skyway. The disappointment in the morning when finding out three places are open is the worst. Here are all the schedules for the restaurants that are open this weekend!   The places open today for lunch in the skyways… Continue reading "Food Options at YIG"

  • Opening Session

    by Drew D.  Welcome, delegates, to the 64th YIG Model Assembly! There was a lot of hustle and bustle this afternoon, some of us got our room keys on time and some didn’t,  but hopefully everyone made it to the opening session, whether at the capitol for higher leg or at the hotel for lower. After a silent moment for prayer… Continue reading "Opening Session"

  • whY I Give

    by Alexa H. Youth in Government is an excellent program for students to participate in and it gives them an experience that most students would not be able to get. They have the freedom to speak their minds and be themselves. But, as we all know, the program comes with a cost. With around 1,600 students in the program, one… Continue reading "whY I Give"

  • Winona Johnson on being Secretary General

    I interviewed Winona Johnson about her role this year at MUN. Winona is the 2017 Secretary-General at the Minnesota Model UN. Becoming Secretary General is a long and challenging process that secretariats endure, but Winona was determined to do it. Q: How did you become Secretary-General? A: “I started as a Secretariat and went through an election process. Every evening… Continue reading "Winona Johnson on being Secretary General"